Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nicaragua and Honduras

I will keep the border crossing in a summary later when I reach USA. Generally, pay and pay for it.

Nicaragua was quiet easy going. We found that the people were very much respectful to us. The aim in Nicaragua was to look for a lost friend. She is the wife of consulate, embassy of Brazil in Singapore. They left Singapore 2 years before our trip and we lost contact. She was my classmate.

When I was in brazil, I searched on the internet for their location. They are holding the position of the brazil embassy in Nicaragua. When I reached the embassy few days ago, I was told by the staff that my friend had moved backed to Brazil. So we had no more plans in Nicaragua, just to move on, meet who ever that come in our way.

A small cool town in Honduras.

There are many of these ruins in Mexico, Guatamala and Honduras. They are in the Maya period. We can't afford to visit although some travels that we met will always say that we must visit this and we 100% must not miss that. We are quite selective on where we want to spent the money and time on. We are traveling with a guide book. The guide book recommanded readers to engage a guide for the Copan Ruina. US$25 per guide. Anyway, before we engage the guide, we would know what he would say and explain.

This is the place where the Maya king held the ceromany.

That is the stone when every villagers come in and had to bow the head to.

This stone is placed in the position that it is facing the East so that...... and during the sunset, the shadows would........

This is where the king and the queen sleep and have their bath.......

well, for us we are not quite intrested in these tales. what is for what, who did what. there are no proper documantation for all these descriptions. it was all assumptions by the locals, by the scientis and with a bit of folk tales influence. we just enjoy the environment, beautiful stones and structures, big trees and nature.

to visit the tunnel, we have to pay extra US$15 per person for the 20meters tunnel. we didn't went in but one of the guard at the tunnel door wanted to sell us 'on site tickets' which is cheaper. It could be a good deal, maybe we pay $3 per person to the guard and we can see the tunnel. Sam reminded me, although it might be US$3, the money goes to the guard's pocket and the guard will be happy. If we pay the fee to the ticket office at US$15, the office will use this money and make the site better.

the above is self explained. can you see the altar?

the trees that grew up on the stone beds reacted strangely. thick roots will crawl around like snake on the ground for long distance, away from the tree.

Does the Mayas ruin looked like the Cambodia's Angkot Wat?

the above is AD2009, the below is an imaginery picture of what it was.

this tree is huge! we loved being close to the trees.

this is the proportion of me, in red shirt and the tree.

another view of that tree in the ruin.

the picture below is another imaginery prediction with some clues found on site (the picture above), that what had happened during AD200. on top of it is a huge canvas to shelter the ruins from sun and rain.

We spotted these colorful birds. they are so close to us and kept chatting very loudly.

half minute after i took this picture, these 2 birds flew into Sam's direction, so close to her. I think they are used to humans around.

Look at the bird's facial expression, they might need more exercise.

there is a place/province in Honduras by the name of 'Gracias a dios', which means: thanks to God.
we will be going to El Salvador in 2 days time, stay there for 2 days and reach Guatamala and will be out of Guatamala in 4 day's time, reaching Mexico.
good luck to us in Guatamala.


Islaverde said...

Go visit the Guatemala highlands near Antigua. Beautiful lake and twin volcanoes. Also the lowlands Managua.

Tiago Medina said...

very beatiful.
Great blog, congratulations for the travel.

Amzah said...

HI! Pray both of you in good health n safe always. Jo, you put on weight lah! Nic pics.Safe ride. Amzah

singaporedream said...

thanks Islaverde: we had skipped it...maybe next time. also Dave was robbed along the road there.

Tiago: thanks. hows the weather in brasil now?

Amzah: u are one of our best regular here!thanks!

clifford chan said...

u guys are great. i only wish more singaporeans would follows yr lead & c the world. theres nothing better than the great outdoor. take care & god bless both of u with safe passage ways.