Sunday, May 24, 2009

country 30: costa rica

The nice little place we stayed in Panama, Boquete. we had our own room, Hope Too just 3 meters away from our door, other travelers came here just go back to their room as we need not answer to their questions. we have our own privacy here.

A garden of a private property opened to the public. we were allowed to enter and roam freely around the property except for their house.

We have to pass by this 'gate' when we ride towards Boquete. There will be some unknowned liquid sprayed onto all passing vehicles. I guess it must be some hygenie control. I made a bypass, had this kind of treatment in Turkey-Greece border. Not once but 3 times at the same gate. We went into the greece border (1st time), the custom officer said we have to go to the Turkey border to purchase an insurance so we rode back, there isn't any bypass like this so again, 2nd time. after buying, we went back to the Greece border, (3rd time). Maybe the European union want to keep Asians being clean when entering the Continent. If Singapore-Malaysia border is going to implement this, i would be the first to do a rain coat rental business there.

We were lost upon entering Costa Rica. It was raining and there wasn't a soul on this path. We continued the rocky path and had a fall. Hope Too stepped onto a series of big rocks. Luckily we met some villagers that guided the way. Imagine if there were some bandits hiding in the bush, we wound not be able to make a quick stop, U-turn or speed up.

The road leading to San Jose passed alot of national parks, rivers and rainforest.

Pineapple plantation. It lasted for about 15-20km along the highway.

These granite spheres left by pre-Columbian cultures were scattered all around the town of Palmar Sur.

More of them.

Our first place to visit in Costa Rica is this world-renowned Wilson Botanical Gardens, residing over 5000 species of tropical plants, orchids, epiphytes and trees. Hosting 331 bird species. This garden also held the number 2 ranking in the world for having the most species of palms.
Costa Rica inhabited Bromeliads, one of the best collections around the world.

Not forgetting many Heliconia lovers from all around the world came for it.

Pineapple anyone? It is not the edible type we have at home.

Some other friends we met, they were actually quite shy.

There would be rain in Costa Rica in this season, almost every afternoon. We have to set off early, reaching the destination being wet. We stayed in San Jose to settle the Visas that we need for. Nicaragua, El Salcador and Mexico. Surprisingly these countries excepted the USA visa that we had except for Mexico.
We would be visiting an active volcano tomorrow. Cloud forest reserve after that, doing tree canopy, meeting with Ceiba Tree of 10meters in trunk diameter, looking for colorful frogs (don't tell Sam), white face monkeys, pumas (if we are lucky) and many more friends from the nature. stay tuned and keep the rain behind us, please....

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