Saturday, April 4, 2009

Charity in singapore...

Charity is good? this is another shocking news in Singapore.

SINGAPORE :The trial involving the former high—profile Ren Ci Hospital CEO and his personal assistant, has begun.

Goh Kah Heng, better known as Shi Ming Yi, faces 10 charges such as forgery and misleading the Commissioner of Charities.
His former assistant, Raymond Yeung Chi Hang, who resides in Hong Kong, faces two related charges.
The prosecution opened the case by saying it would be proceeding on four of the 10 charges, as a calm Ming Yi sat in the dock together with Yeung.
He is accused of giving Yeung S$50,000 to renovate Yeung’s friend’s flat in Hong Kong.
Prosecutor Jaswant Singh said the pair allegedly conspired to conceal the unauthorised payment, by categorising it as a loan to Mandala Buddhist Cultural Centre in May 2004.
Mandala is an artefacts shop that Ming Yi apparently had a share in.
Mr Singh added that the pair had also lied to the Commissioner of Charities by saying the loan was for Mandala to buy material from a China firm.
Two of the 16 prosecution witnesses also testified in court, with much of the cross—examination centering around audit procedures.
The trial continues on Friday. CNA /

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