Wednesday, December 10, 2008

from Chile Pucon after the climb, we went to a small village for a night stay, following an exciting day to Argentina. it was only 50km of dirt, gravel, tight windy road to the loading area. loading area? we need to wait for a RORO boat to take us to complete the road across this beautiful road. it is supposed to be a very nice scenic road if there isn`t much rain since we were in the boat.

when we reached the deserted custom and immigration on chile side, we were soak wet.

on the argentina side, deserted also. we had to teach the immigration officer what to do. he didnt want to give me the entry form that we had filed in, saying that it was not neccessery. fishy...
we filled the forms again and made him stamped on it and we kept it. SAFE!

a night at neuquen was unforgettable. Neuquen was a busy city. the cheapest hotel there had exceeded our budget. we ride along the highway and saw a CAMPING signboard and followed. very nice campsite. there were about 6 adults working and 5 childrens playing. as usual, we could not speak good spanish so we used hands and legs to talk. the usual question came: where were u from. where u going? how long has the journey been? we had a great time talking with them and asked about the camping price. 2 of them said its free. we do not need to pay anything. one of them even showed me where could i pitch up my tent and show me around.

so we start pitching up our tent at 7pm and i cooked dinner (rice and soya sauce).

as we were eating comfortably, one man showed up and told me that i cant camp here. this is a private camping site. we had to wash, pack up and leave the place at 830pm.


what i saw:

the workers that allow us to camp were common people or the very pure locals.

the man that ask me to leave spoke perfect english and well dress.

well... we have to go to another place 1 hour away to search for another camping ground in the dark.

finally we arrived at Viedma.

we met other bike travelers from germany, switzerland, italy, argentina and estonia. about less than 30 people but we had fun.

we exchanged information and now im traveling with 2 couples from germany to the south. i must thank the for organizing this meeting. i had got alot of bike traveling information from this website. well, who can i ask in Singapore?

road to the south would be tough. today we traveled for 250km and suffered strong Patagonia wind.

lets see tomorrow...


termite said...

aiyoh i just saw your post in gcs and chance upon your blog. i have been in neuquen since 2006 leh, else u guys could have come stayed with me and rest and get some home cook meal etc then while in neuquen. but either way amazing trip u two are doing! much kudos! :) ride safely and will be following your blog from your recent location on, still reading through your blog since i only just chance upon it :)

singaporedream said...

hi termite: what u doing in Neuquen? such a busy town. we camped at a very cheap place, just to stay for a night and proceed. its nice to know fellow lions in argentina. u follow GCS tightly?
when u going back?

One-bear said...

You're right about not many Singaporeans going on a RTW trip! I'm thinking of doing one myself and have just started doing some research when I came across your blog. Maybe I'm not searching hard enough coz yours is the first one i've come across so far. Still wondering if I should do it by bike or just take public transport all the way. I read your post on the Carnet for your bike and it looks like i'd have to fork out a large sum of money before even setting off! Will be reading through your entire blog to glean more information!